Founded in the year 2009 in Atlanta, United States, MyVanillaGiftCard presents prepaid gift cards to the users. It allows users to make payments and shop online and offline. The Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card can be used for both domestic international transactions. In simple words, you can use this vanilla gift card anywhere where Mastercard’s are accepted. However, fees of 3% will be applied to payments in any currency other than Pound Sterling. 

The gift cards offered by MyVanillaGiftCard are non-returnable as well as non-reloadable. If you’ve purchased a gift card, you cannot return it. Also, if the balance in the card gets exhausted, you cannot reload any amount in it.

You can purchase Vanilla Mastercard Gift Cards in denominations of £25, £50, and £100. You need to pay a purchase fee of £2.95, £3.95 & £4.95 to buy a gift card loaded with £25, £50, and £100 balance, respectively.

How to Apply for a Vanilla Gift Card?

We know these vanillagift cards are very enticing, and you too want to pamper your close ones or yourself with the Vanilla Gift card. Wondering how to apply for this gift card? You just need to visit any nearby retail store that offers gift cards and ask for Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card. If you’re not sure whether that retail store sells this gift card or not, you can simply visit the Walmart store. You can immediately buy a Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card. 

Activating Your MyVanilla Gift Card

Activating your gift card is a hassle-free job. Here are quick steps for Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card activation. 

Step 1: Your cashier will activate your gift card at the time of purchase.

Step 2: Make sure you sign on the back of your gift card, where specified. 

That’s it! Your VanillaGift Card is all set to work for you. 

Important Tip: One of the important things to be kept in mind before using your gift card is to know the existing balance. This is crucial because if your purchase amount is greater than the gift card’s balance, then the payment will be declined. 

In case you’re buying something that costs more than your card’s balance, you need to inform the cashier beforehand so he/she can use the card accordingly. Otherwise, your card can be put on hold and you will not be able to use it for up to 7 days. This is why it’s better to act smart for an excellent gift card experience. 

You must know that there is no way by which your cashier can check your card’s balance; thus, you’ve to be informed about it in advance.

To check your gift card’s balance, you can either visit or call the customer service department at 0333 600 22 44. The executives actively work 24*7. 

Advantages of Using Vanilla Prepaid Gift Card

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If you’re thinking about the benefits of this gift card, don’t skip the next section of this article. 

–     Ideal Gifting Option

The Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card is an exceptional gift to your loved ones. As everyone has different choices and preferences, it often happens that the receiver doesn’t find the gift attractive. 

Therefore, be on the safe side and get them a Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card for them this time. They can buy things of their choice with your money using the gift card.

–     Secure & Convenient 

Another benefit of the Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card is that it is 100% safe and convenient to use. Users can use it at any physical outlet that accepts Mastercard. 

–     No Unnecessary charges 

The best thing about this Mastercard gift card is that purchases don’t add unnecessary fees. Thus, this can be a pocket-friendly way of shopping.

–     No Activation Hassles

Yes, it’s right! You need not worry about the activation of your Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card. It comes ready to use. 

Contacting the Customer Support for Assistance

Whether your Vanilla gift card has been stolen or lost or you need any kind of assistance related to your Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card, you can connect with the customer support team 0333 600 22 44 or write an email at 

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I use Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card to purchase an item more than my card’s limit?

There is nothing to worry about if you’re getting an item that has a price tag higher than the limit of your gift card. You just need to tell the amount on your card to your cashier. He/she will process the transaction accordingly and the leftover amount can be paid in cash or via check, debit card, credit card, or net banking.

For example, your card is loaded with £50 and you’re buying an item worth £65. In this case, you can pay £50 using your gift card and rest £15 via any other mode of payment. 

2. What are the additional charges associated with my MyVanilla gift card?

Although, there are no such additional transactional charges associated with your gift card except in some cases. 

Scenario 1: If you’re using your card for gambling transactions, you’ll be charged 3%.

Scenario 2: If you’re making an international payment, a 3% fee will be applicable owing to the change in currency. Your gift card is loaded with the amount in Pound sterling.

Scenario 3: If your gift card remains unused for 6 months, you need to pay £2 monthly. 

3. What should I do if I lose my Gift Card?

If you have lost your Vanilla Gift Card, then inform the officials immediately at their customer care number. The customer service executive will ask you the gift card number to process the refund. To get a refund, your card must have a minimum balance of £6.50. Also, you’ll have to bear a refund charge of £4.95 

 (it’ll be deducted from your card balance). 

Keep in mind that when you receive your gift card for the first time, register it at  so you can block your card in case it’s stolen or lost. By registering your card, you’re making refund process easier for yourself. Additionally, keep a note of your card number with you. 

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