Vanilla Gift Cards are incredibly convenient when gifting your colleagues, friends, or family an amount when you are unsure what exactly to give them. Often, giving some cash in an envelope is not a classy move, and a Vanilla Gift Card is exactly the thing you may be looking for on these occasions. The card recipient can redeem the amount stored in the card for purchasing any item within the balance limit. These Vanilla Gift Cards are VISA-based cards. The e-commerce sites or payment counters must have VISA-enabled payment systems duly installed. However, Vanilla Gift Cards may sometimes be tedious for novice use. They may be looking for customer service support when they face technical issues.

For Purchased Cards or Balance Inquiries:

Users facing issues regarding cards that are already purchased and registered can revert to the following link:

Frequently Asked Questions

You can also check available Vanilla Gift Card balance using the link along with multiple kinds of support. The link helps you find answers to FAQs like cases of card loss or misplacement. If you have queries regarding general fees for transactions and activation issues, you can revert to the link too.

Got Queries? Help yourself with the Hotline Number

Vanilla Gift Card consumer support has a hotline number ready for people who have questions on purchasing gift cards. The queries are answered almost instantly after the potential customer dials the hotline number.

For Vanilla Mastercard Gift or eGift cards beginning with 515462 or 545660, please call: 1833 322 6760.
All Other Cards, please call: 1800 680 6760.

For Vanilla Discover Gift Card Customer Care Representative call 1-800-698-3436.

COVID-19: Customer Service Fluctuations

As with multiple organizations worldwide, Vanilla Gift Card customer service has also taken a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, facing reduced human resources and narrowed customer support. Business support has reduced due to travel and operational restrictions worldwide. They have mentioned it officially in their –

Help FAQ.

Shipping & Delivery

Vanilla Gift Cards can be shipped anywhere except the regions across Hawaii or Vermont. The company does not ship cards to PO Boxes, APOs, or overseas addresses that they have mentioned on their official site. Of course, E-delivery of gift cards is available under limited conditions. An E-Gift Virtual Account is created under the customer’s name, who will be using the particular card. The buyer must include the recipient’s relevant details in the details section so that the person can use the same to activate the digital wallet. Upon balance run-out, the wallet expires accordingly. In case the wallet is a recurring one, the sender or recipient can choose to reload the card using the relevant details.

What happens when a cardholder purchases an item worth more than the amount in the Gift Card wallet?

In this case, the remaining amount will be rerouted through an alternate payment system. However, a “hold fund” system is applicable in case the merchant demands verification of the account. Often, fraudulent issues occur in such cases, and a proper verification procedure seems pertinent. You can use such transactions in departmental stores, video-game credits, e-commerce sites like Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play Store.