This generation is always looking for more comfortable and hassle-free transaction methods, and OneVanilla prepaid cards are one such option. Transactions with these cards are much easier as compared to Credit or Debit Cards as they need excess paperwork, formalities, processing fees, and whatnot. With OneVanilla cards, users can toss all these hassles out of the window. For starters, OneVanilla Cards do not even need a bank account for operations. Just fill-up the card with a sufficient amount through third-party transactions and spend swiftly. However, there are some common problems with these cards, and instant fixes are, of course, available for them.

#1. Have a OneVanilla Prepaid Visa Card With No Cardholder Name, but the process requires cardholder name during transaction? 

It is not necessary or mandatory to provide cardholder name for transactions. Only Card Number, CVV, and Expiry Date are essential for significant transactions. However, some payment processes are coded in a manner that it required Cardholder info. In such cases where the cardholder name is not present on the card, you can use any name of your choice. However, it would be best to keep in mind that this name will show up in the merchant’s bank’s transaction receipt.

#2. Where are the places or online sites the OneVanilla Card is valid? Why does it not work on some of the sites? 

OneVanilla Cards are valid on most e-commerce websites that accept Visa Cards. If your card has sufficient balance and is in proper working condition, most sites will process the payment efficiently. However, in some cases, OneVanilla cards may not be working owing to other factors. For instance, if the site accepts DinersClub International, Amex, or Mastercard Cards, and does not support VISA cards, it is presumable that your OneVanilla card may not work on the particular site. Therefore, the first task before transacting is to check the card’s compatibility from the list of eligible payment modes. Often mode of payment encryption can be a reason for rejecting OneVanilla card transaction. You will then need to contact the site support as well as the OneVanilla Cards support center.

#3. Not Able To Add Money To OneVanilla Card? And How To Reload Money Once Credit Runs Out? 

Not able to add money into a OneVanilla Card is a recurring problem for most new users. However, the process is straightforward. It includes a third party transaction from any other cardholder who fills in credit to your account. If you link your bank account to the OneVanilla Card, you can also opt for an automatic reload from your bank account into the card once credit runs out. You can also set time schedules for automatic reloads after opting for necessary settings in your personal e-banking section settings.

#4. Can OneVanilla Card Be Exchanged For Cash? Are there any sites for that? 

For one, One Vanilla Cards have limited usage and depend on whether they are one-time use gift cards or multiple-reload-based prepaid cards. Even if it is the latter, OneVanilla card has limited ATM access and that too, with a hefty transaction fee. However, there are methods to exchange your OneVanilla card for PayPal credits through the Paypal site itself, which also has its limitations.