MyVanilla Debit Card is a completely hassle-free way of managing your cash. It works like a standard prepaid debit card. You have to reload cash on the card to use it for your financial transaction. What makes this prepaid card extremely convenient is that it can be used anywhere, including online shopping or telephone-based purchase. You can either opt for the reloadable prepaid card or the MyVanilla gift card. For either one, you do not have to pay any sort of monthly fee. However, there may be transaction fees and withdrawal fees. With the MyVanilla mobile app, managing a MyVanilla card becomes easier. Once the card has been approved, you can access your account information on the mobile app.


MyVanilla Card: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Before you go ahead and get your MyVanilla card, keep the following 5 things in your mind.

1. It is not a credit card

MyVanilla is a kind of prepaid debit card and not a credit card. Hence, you first reload the card with cash and then use it for transactions and not vice versa like a credit card. Since it is not a credit card, it does not require any kind of credit checks. Furthermore, you can avoid the purchase fees if you sign up for the card online. Sign up for the card, reload with cash and keep using it whenever you need.

2. No need of bank account to purchase

There are many reasons for the MyVanilla card being a fitting option for transactions in the USA and the primary reason is it not requiring any bank account. You will not be required to fill up any form and wait for the processing. You can get the card online or from any of the selected retailers and manage the account via your online account or via the mobile app.

3. Visa Zero Liability policy limitations

MyVanilla card comes under the Visa Zero Liability policy that protects you from any fraudulent expenditure if the card gets stolen. However, cards only issued by the US government are eligible for the cover. Moreover, this policy is not applicable for ATM transactions, certain commercial transactions and PIN transactions that have not been processed by VISA. In case of theft or any unauthorized usage, contact your card issuer immediately.

4. Various ways of loading cash

You can enjoy great flexibility when it comes to reloading cash on the MyVanilla card. There are two ways to reload cash.

  • Vanilla Direct Reload: MyVanilla has thousands of Direct Load facilities spread over the country. Visit your nearest Vanilla Direct load facility, use your barcode or card and reload cash quickly. Be careful while doing so and make sure to not share your barcode with anyone else other than the facility.
  • Walmart Rapid Reload: You can get a quick reload at the authorized Walmart centres. Go to the register and get your card recharged. Remember, you must complete the ID verification for being eligible for direct reloads or direct deposits.

5. Deposit your paycheck directly into MyVanilla Debit Card

The free direct deposit facility of the MyVanilla card allows you to deposit your paychecks directly to the card without any check-cashing fees. Thus, you can get access to your cash easily and quickly. Any Government benefits or tax returns can directly be received via the MyVanilla card as well.

MyVanilla card gives you a flexible and secure cash transaction facility coupled with many salient features. Timely reloading is mandatory as the card will bounce if it does not have any cash. Even though there is no monthly fee, dormancy fee is applicable. If you do not use the card for successive 90 days, a monthly fee will be deducted from your remaining balance. Get your MyVanilla card keeping the above-mentioned things in mind. You can personalize the MyVanilla card and until your permanent card arrives, use the starter MyVanilla card.