My Vanilla prepaid cards are an easy and effective way to manage all your funds. It gives you the flexibility of spending worldwide while also keeping your account safe and secure. You can buy a card, activate it and use it like any other prepaid card. If you are wondering whether this card is best suited for your financial needs, we are here to help you in making the correct decision. Below goes the complete review of the MyVanilla prepaid card. Have a look and then decide.

MyVanillaCard Advantages

Easy to get

The MyVanilla card can be bought and used by anyone as there is no application process or credit check involved in the process. All you need is the cash to pay for the value of the card along with the activation fee. This card is available at multiple retailers. You can get the list of retailers on the MyVanilla website.

Easy reload

Recharging or reloading your MyVanilla Card is a hassle-free process. There are three different ways to load money on your card. You can make direct deposits without paying any fees or you can use the MyVanilla mobile app with the check deposit feature. MyVanilla Card also allows you to load cash to your card through Walmart Rapid Reload. Moreover, you can receive your salary via this card.

Benefits of the Visa or MasterCard logo

Since the MyVanilla card carries a logo of MasterCard or Visa, you can utilize the card at any place that accepts credit cards. This card enables you to buy products online and also eliminates the need to carry cash while shopping. These Visa and MasterCard logos also make you entitled to all the benefits that are enjoyed by other Visa or MasterCard users.

Facility of mobile app and mobile wallet

MyVanilla has its own dedicated mobile application that enables you to manage your money remotely. You can view your transactions, card balance and find Vanilla Reload locations as well. The app is available on Android and iOS. You can add your MyVanilla card to the mobile wallet on your phone and make safe transactions through your phone, tablets or smartwatch. The vanilla prepaid visa card can be added to platforms such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and more.

Control on expenses

MyVanilla is a pre-paid card. You can only spend the money that the card has. If you tend to overspend then this card can help you curb that tendency.


vanilla prepaid visa cards are covered with the Visa Zero Liability policy. It ensures that the transactions made through the card are not fraudulent and even if someone uses your card to make a purchase without your permission, you will not be held responsible. You just have to make a call to the number on the rear of the card in order to report fraud or dispute a transaction.

MyVanillaCard Disadvantages

Annoying Activation Process

It has been reported by many users that the process of activation is quite annoying and you can not activate it after two failed attempts. Though you can convert it to a Vanilla Gift card and sepnd your money. Check out this YouTube video for more details on this matter.

Transaction Fees

One of the disadvantages of using MyVanilla card is that you will end up paying transaction fees. Most credit and debit cards do not require you to pay fees for every single purchase you make but that is not the case with the MyVanilla Card. The card does not give its members any cashback, airline mileage or reward points.

ATM Fees

MyVanilla card charges a certain amount of money on any ATM transactions along with a fee charged by the ATM operator, often called the surcharge fee. One more fee that is charged by MyVanilla card is a dormancy fee. It is charged if you make no ATM withdrawals or purchases on the card for ninety consecutive days.

From the points mentioned above, it can be concluded that MyVanilla card has more advantages than disadvantages. From accessing the card to easy reloading and wide usage, MyVanilla has many perks. Keep the applicable fees in mind and you are good to go.